Breakfast conference with Michel Dubarry, President Europe & North Africa at Rolls-Royce – Sep.17

ORAJe, with the support of USAIRE, invited its members to a breakfast conference in the presence of Pascal Parant (President of USAIRE and Vice President of Marketing at AAR), Michel Dubarry (Executive Vice President of USAIRE and President Europe, Africa and Middle East Rolls-Royce) and Marc Rochet (President of Air Caraïbes and French Blue) in the prestigious Cercle de l’Union Interalliée.

The warm welcome of Pascal Parant to ORAJe members allowed all the participants to discuss in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere around a coffee before the beginning of the conferences. The incoming promotion was able to dialogue with previous promotions and take advantage of Pascal’s anecdotes, particularly the one concerning the creation of the “Personality of the Year”. We will remember that any moment is conducive to reflection, as trivial as it is, that we must not hesitate to have ambition for his projects and especially to trust himself!

Michel Dubarry then took the floor to present all the activities of Rolls-Royce group. At the end, a question-and-answer session allowed us to interact freely with Michel Dubarry, who enthusiastically lent himself to the game.

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