First career meeting with Adecco, world leader in human ressources services – Sep.17

We were welcomed by Adecco at their Paris headquarters. This event marks the launch of our partnership with this leading group, the world leader in Human Resources services.

Laurence Moreau (Director of Adecco Scientific and Engineering Agency), David Mineau (Recruitment Business Manager) and Alexandra Durrieu (Client Manager Grand Paris), recruitment professionals, gave us a few hours of their precious time.

The session began with a presentation by Adecco. For recent graduates who joined ORAJe recently, it was important to clarify the difference between temporary work and work in a company specialized in service. The advantages to be involved with Adecco are certain: during an interim mission lasting up to 18 months, employees are integrated into teams and perform the same work as employees on permanent contracts, for a similar salary. In many large aerospace groups, these missions allow for a long-term evaluation of the candidate, which then becomes easier to find on a permanent contract.

Adecco has many job vacancies adapted to ORAJe members background’s and is constantly looking for high potential to whom they could propose temporary positions in many aeronautical companies.

After this introduction, the coaching session was divided into two parts: we started by reviewing the basic rules applying to CVs and cover letters to highlight our career.

Then, we had the opportunity to carry out individual interviews, delivering precise and personalized answers.

Finally, we would like to thank Adecco members for their warm welcome and all of their thoughtful advice. We look forward to renewing the experience!

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