ORAJE get involved with the French Air Force – Sep.17

After a successful first edition, the ORAJe members are still motivated and willing to teach the Brevet d’Initiation Aéronautique (in French colleges and high schools, in partnership with the Air Force, for this new school year).

As a reminder, every year in France, more than 10 000 young people pass the examination of the BIA, among which 2 000 have been trained by airmen Diploma of the French National Education, the BIA is a vector of discovery of aeronautics delivering a general culture in this field .

A formidable bridge between theory and practice, reason and passion, civil and military, amateur and professional, this diploma provides knowledge around five key modules : history of aeronautics and space, navigation and safety of flights, aircraft knowledge, aerodynamics and flight mechanics.

The final exam which takes place every year mid May is based on a multiple choice questionnaire of 100 questions 20 questions per module and each question can yield 1 point) for which a minimum of 50 points must be recorded to validate the diploma.

Launched by the French Air Force in 2012 at Salon de Provence, the BIA teaching project is now recognized by the French Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (and valued of 2 ECTS credits per year of commitment at the Ecole de l’Air). By joining forces with the Air Force, ORAJe helps to promote its values as well as those related to the rights and duties of the citizen Therefore, each member of ORAJe engaged in this training can become Reserviste Citoyen of the Air Force.