ORAJe General Assembly in Rolls-Royce Premises – Sep.18

On September 6th, the last General Assembly was held at Rolls-Royce’s premises. It was for us the opportunity to take stock of the actions carried out since the beginning of the year and to consider the following with the accession of 26 new members!

New Board

  • President : Julie Guth
  • Vice-President : Etienne Bobin
  • Treasurer : Marin Guillaume
  • Secretary : Miriam Marvani
  • Assistant Secretary : Océane Léautey

We have chosen to expand the office to ensure a better distribution of activities and we are proud to welcome Océane and Marin, recent graduates from the 2017 promotion of the competition within this office. We would like to thank Michael Tiberghien, our previous treasurer, for his participation during the past year.

For the year 2019…

We want to continue to provide our members with a better understanding of the industry, through company visits and high-level conferences led by accomplished professionals.

We will continue the meetings between members, who will alternate afterworks, thematic meals, sports introductions and aeronautical weekends, because we take pleasure to spend moments together.

We will focus on our partnership with CERPA for new members to take part in the teaching of the Brevet d’Initiation à l’Aeronautique.

We will continue to federate old and new members by involving them in all the choices concerning the association.

We will focus on the deployment of new means of communication to further contribute to the outreach of ORAJe and the USAIRE Student Awards.

To conclude, we would like to warmly thank Pascal Parant, Michel Dubarry, Vincent Mériaux, Miriam Marvani and Sophie Duchesne, without whom none of this would be possible.

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