USAIRE Thanksgiving dinner & prize giving ceremony USAIRE Student Awards 2017

As soon as we arrived at the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée, we remained amazed by the beauty and the size of the place! This exceptional framework, already foreshadowed the level of the rest of the evening.

We were pleased to find the other laureates, who met at the Pre-Student awards Seminar at the Paris Air show 2017. Now being all part of ORAJE, we started to exchange around our respective experiences and to connect with each others.

Then came the moment of the cocktail; punctuated by encounters. It was an opportunity for us to interact with the various players in the aerospace industry and to perfect our knowledge.

Without being aware of times, an Olympic-inspired music interrupted all the discussions in the room to give way to the long-awaited announcement of the USAIRE Student awards 2017 results!

Our stress was increasing as the price were distributed. The suspense was at its height when finally we learn that we are the winners of the 2017 edition! Beyond the rejoicing of receiving the rewards (a check, 3 beautiful models of airplane and a flight to Singapore), we hold above all, the proven pride of being on stage surrounded by the greatest!

The ensuing Thanksgiving dinner was punctuated by several memorable speeches, including the USAIRE and Air & Cosmos Awards of Personality of the Year to Patrice Caine (Thales) and innovation to Bruno Guimbal (Hélicoptères Guimbal).

Much more than the privilege of a beautiful evening, the USAIRE Student Awards has brought us a better visibility and understanding of the environment around us. Taking a step back, we can only confirm the relevance of a subject on digital at the moment. Building this essay allowed us to learn a lot and reading the reports of the other winners, made us discover unexplored tracks. This is a testament to the importance of confronting students’ viewpoints in order to be complementary, to the service of innovation.

In conclusion, the USAIRE Student Awards, are a real opportunity that allows you to learn and meet. Two strong elements useful to young students that we are, mindful to build an interesting career in an exciting industry. We rely on ORAJe to continue this. In fact, the association allows us to attend conferences, meet new people and even receive career advice from Adecco. This means that the time invested in this contest is worth it, both for our professional future and for the pleasure we take!