ORAJe mentoring program is launched!

March 7th, 2022

This year, ORAJe with the support of USAIRE and Dona Vitonou launched a mentoring program to support the young generation from unprivileged backgrounds. 

The goal of this mentoring program is to have ORAJe members supporting and accompanying students (BAC +2), beyond orientation, in the construction of their professional career. Through this program ORAJe members will get training and support to understand the aims and objectives of mentoring through a close collaboration with Dona Vitonou, USAIRE and Nos Quartiers ont des Talents

On February 21st 2022, and thanks to Dona Vitonou, ORAJe had the pleasure to meet Yazid Chir, President and co-founder of « Nos quartiers ont des talents ». NQT is a recognised association for mentoring, with more than 70,000 accompanied students since 2005 and more than 14,000 mentors. During this webinar with our members, Yazid and Dona developed the first advice to ORAJe members for becoming good mentors: listen and build confidence. 

ORAJe would like to thank once again the association NQT, represented by Yazid Chir ; and Dona Vitonou for her great support.The next step of the project is to bring our mentors and students together. More to come!