ORAJe General Assembly in Rolls-Royce premises – Dec.17

On December 7 th the second General Assembly of the year was held in the premises of Rolls Royce International in Neuilly sur Seine. This was an opportunity for us to take stock of the actions carried out since the month of May and to consider the future of the association.

We wish to offer our members a better knowledge of the industry, through business visits and high level conferences led by professionals. We are also working on the creation of a club that will organize friendly appointments, allowing invited professionals to share with us their experience feedback. The meetings between members, cement of our association, will alternate between afterworks and thematic meals according to the months. Last but not least, we will work on the establishment of a large annual event, which will bring together all the members and partners of the association.

Partners and sponsors
In order to develop our activities, we will propose both annual an punctual sponsors, which can take the form of financing or services. Being a sponsor will offer special coverage to the members of the association as well as a focus on our communication media. We will also consider a partnership with a major press organization to ensure annual media coverage of the association’s activities.

The career pole is under development, we will quickly create a CV base and a directory of our members. We also want to continue the very rewarding partnership initiated with Adecco.

Our partnership with the CERPA for the education of the BIA continues to grow and expand Etienne Bobin (Vice President of ORAJe) assistant of Colonel Halter, coordinates the trainers for Ile de France.

In order to contribute to the outreach of ORAJe different means will be developed : Newsletter, website, Linkedin. The communication for the next edition of the USAIRE Student Awards is also a big challenge, we want to reach a larger number of students and diversify the profiles.

The past 6 months have been rich for ORAJe it is up to all of us to persevere in this way and seize the opportunities that arise. More than a professional association, ORAJE is a community that aims to create strong links between its members The beautiful complicity displayed during our Christmas dinner is a testament!

Julie Guth, President of ORAJe