Conference “Leadership & Commitment” with Lieutnant Colonel Hervé de Saint Exupery, CERPA – May.18

On the occasion of the arrival of General Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation NATO, for the USAIRE luncheon on Wednesday, May 30 th ORAJe sets its mind to organize a conference about two strong values of the French Air Force Leadership Commitment.

After Enea Fracassi, Fleet Manager of Corsair, exchanges continued with the intervention of Lieutenant Colonel Hervé de Saint Exupéry, fighter pilot officer in the French Air Force. Through his assignments and his various meetings with General Mercier, he detailed the major stages of the development of the French Air Force Youth link. The first major project of Lieutenant Colonel Hervé de Saint Exupéry to bring together the Youth Army was to link the Ecole de l’Air to Management Schools through annual leadership courses. This initiative was greeted with enthusiasm by General Mercier, then head of the Ecole de l’Air who gave him free hand to continue his approach first great proof of confidence in his career. Tutorials were then set up at the Ecole de l’Air as part of the “Plan égalité des chances”, with the aim of giving young people from disadvantaged backgrounds sustainable prospects. The success of the project was rewarded with the 2012 Army Youth Award, honoring the Army’s commitment to society. In parallel, other partnerships have been initiated. For example, the merger of aeronautics and medicine through student physician exchanges at Laveran Hospital in Marseille We can also mention the partnership with the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Foundation which allows to finance each year pilots’ certificates, air baptisms and
parachute jumps.

The development of the colonel’s initiatives took a new turn when he joined Paris in 2012 as a youth officer with General Mercier, then Chief of Staff of the Air Force. This is the second proof of confidence that General Mercier testifies to Hervé de Saint Exupéry. The teaching of the Certificate of Initiation to Aeronautics (started at Salon de Provence, is gradually being extended to all air bases Since the launch of the project, the number of trainers has increased from 15 to 200. In parallel the number of candidates prepared by airmen, active, operational reservists or reservists citizens (has evolved from 200 to 3 700 out of a total of 11 500 at the National level. The teaching of the BIA is a radiation factor for the Air Force It is an opportunity to evoke the values of the Aviator A major partnership has been concluded with the National Education, thanks to the commitment of some colonels from the ADER network. The French Air Force is the first Army to have created a plan directed at youth CERPA ensures the implementation of this Air Youth Plan its actions reach more than 250 000 young people each year! It is a real team work provided by aviators passionate and open to society. This plan will be developed

In conclusion, the actions of Lieutenant Colonel Hervé de Saint Exupéry are not limited to the professional setting Passionate about aeronautics, we will be able to follow him on social networks with his daughter (dreaming of being an airline pilot) during their participation in the Raid Aérien Latécoère 2018 (Toulouse Dakar), in the footsteps of their forefather, 100 years after the epic of the Aeropostale.