Conference “Leadership & Commitment” with Enea Fracassi, Fleet Manager of Corsair – May.18

The morning began with a presentation of ORAJe by Julie Guth, the President of our association. She recalled past activities since January, presented our partnerships and discussed our current and future projects, highlighting the involvement of ORAJe in the teaching of Aeronautical Initiation Certificate jointly with the French Air Force.

The speech was then given to our first guest speaker, currently working for a renowned airline, Enea Fracassi. After a brief introduction, Enea made sure that everyone around the table introduce itself briefly to better adapt its speech to the audience. This helped to promote exchanges between all participants. The presentation began with the evocation of his career between Italy, the United Kingdom and France. The passion of aeronautics has never left him since his youth in Veneto. We all have been sensible by the way Enea told us about the love of his job ; he illustrated it with the following quote by Antoine de Saint Exupéry :”You can only see with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye”. For him, it is our passion that will help us overcome the difficult stages of our career. The second notion highlighted by Enea : to know how to dare. Whether it’s daring to return to studies as part of an INSEAD Executive MBA program or passing a private pilot’s license, one of the keys to success is getting out of your comfort zone while showing tenacity. The whole Enea career path is very inspiring for the members of ORAJe.

We then discussed the notion of leadership. To be a leader, it is essential to trust and trust in yourself. It is also important to be able to take a step back and be able to quickly acquire a global vision of each situation. This is not always easy in engineering professions. In fact, we must be careful never to forget where we are in the value chain of the product we are working on and to constantly seek to understand the world in which we operate. Experience and willingness to move forward contribute greatly. Pascal Parant (VP Marketing AAR Corp.), Michel Dubarry (President Europe and North Africa of RollsRoyce) and Colonel Camus (French Air Force) have been able to back up the story with strong examples from their experiences that have not failed to inspire us!

Finally, we approached today’s management, contrasting with the methods used in the past From now on, the need to be human advocates in management. Empathy is essential to create conditions that foster employee development. To conclude, Enea also emphasized the importance of building a strong network to take advantage of the wealth that comes from sharing experience and skills in a highly connected industry like aviation ORAJe is a perfect example!