"As a student, USAIRE Student Awards is an excellent springboard for joining the professional Aerospace sector"

                                                                                                               Tuesday 21 of April 2021

USAIRE Student Awards 2020 ceremony - Paris Air Forum

Ophélie Tan and Dan Haziza participated in the 2020 edition of the USAIRE Student Awards and won the 2nd prize. We asked them a few questions about their journey throughout the competition and how they perceived the subject. 
Why did you participate in the USAIRE Student Awards?
Both being students at ESSEC Business School at the time and coming from an engineering background, it was a great challenge for us to gather all of our knowledge and reflect on such important subjects. More importantly, we thought it was a huge opportunity to offer ideas to the main actors of the aerospace and defense industries. How cool is it to think that our work might be read by some of the most powerful CEOs of the Aerospace industry? Plus, the first step of the competition was only to write a 1-page essay, which does not require too much time to take a chance!
How did you approach last year’s theme “Be Green, Keep Flying”?
Though the subject might be obvious as lots of conversations revolve around a green aviation, it is still very dense and wide. Because we were competing against many great students all over the world, we needed to think about a different point of view, consider all the aspects of the subject. A good tip for this year’s participants, think outside of the box! The jury will appreciate new ideas!
What benefits did it bring to your professional career?
As a student, the competition is an excellent springboard to join the professional Aerospace sector. First of all, because the jury and the sponsors are the leaders of the industry. They will be able to recognize your work and effort. Secondly, because you may be able to join the ORAJe association, which brings together all of the finalists of the past editions. We are just like good friends, having a drink at an afterwork and supporting one another to find the career path and position of our dreams. 
Thanks to Dan and Ophélie for answering our questions! To those who have questions, do not hesitate to contact them through LinkedIn or directly to the organisation at! We will happily answer all the questions.
Only a few days left to participate!