ORAJe Toulouse Club kick off – Jan.18

Following the growing number of ORAJe members in the “Pink City”, the time has come to create a local chapter ..”ORAJe Toulouse” will follow its Parisian sister by organizing similar events such as afterworks to bring together the Toulouse’s members, conferences with industrialists, the teaching of the Brevet d’Initiation Aéronautique in partnership with the French Air Force, and will move closer to USAIRE’s SouthWest Chapter in the long run.

Toulouse is a cosmopolitan melting pot flooded with culture, art, industry and architecture, not to mention the excellent cuisine The city on the banks of the Garonne, historically known as the center of the European aerospace industry, with, among others, the headquarters of Airbus, the Aerospace Valley and the Toulouse Space Center (the second most dynamic French City for aerospace industry).