ORAJe dinner with Justine Coutard

September 6th, 2023

ORAJe members got to discuss key topics about the current and future of managing an airport facility, thanks to Justine Coutard’s precious testimony.

Questions were exchanged over dinner at the Cercle National des Armées, with a wide range of subjects being discussed, such as :

– the impact of the 2024 Olympics on the logistics at #OrlyAirport (have you ever thought of the best way to transport a pole-vaulting pole or an Olympic team’s-worth’s amount of kite-surfs? Well… Justine had to!) 🤸‍♂️ ;
– the use of #SAF and other sustainable solutions to best counteract airports’ climate impact ;
– ways to de-pollute, reorganize and protect biodiversity around airport grounds 🦊🌱🐦 ;
– The effectiveness of train-to-plane solutions and how to ensure a productive use of time and resources.

Many thanks to Justine Coutard for being such a precious interlocutor to ORAJe members, Mathieu Daubert for connecting the dots, and special thanks to Héloïse Conte and the entire ORAJe board (Charlotte HamonElias Bouzar SpinellaOphélie Tan) for making such special nights happen.

Looking forward to our next meeting ! ✈️🪐