Technical Webinar : The Xplorair, the future of green air-taxi?
Meeting with Michel Aguilar, the inventor of thermoreactor

Sunday, 16th of May 2021


ORAJe members had the pleasure to welcome and listen to Mr. Michel Aguilar, an 1977 ISAE/ENSICA engineer. He is the inventor of the Thermoreactor and the Xplorair, a flying car

Starting from observing cars, traffic jamming and climate change, something had to be done for future Urban Air Mobility (UAM). He created the thermoreactor, a new kind of engine working on a “Constant Volume Combustion” cycle with a high energy efficiency. This technology has achieved the Technological Readiness Level (TRL) 4.

Using his invention, the Xplorair with thermoreactor propulsion would allow you to travel with ease in cities. You could even take-off from your garden!

A great insight of what could be the future of aviation.

Thank you Mr. Aguilar, ORAJe members were all very interested in your presentation.