Aviation and climate change – Meeting with Philippe Fonta

                                                                                                               Thursday 4th of March 2021

Aviation and Climate Change

What is the impact of aviation on climate change and how can the aerospace industry reshape itself to become a more sustainable industry ? ORAJE members are currently working on a paper to answer these tricky questions ! The paper will be available soon ! 

In this context, ORAJe had the pleasure to welcome and listen to Philippe Fonta , a renowned and accomplished sustainability expert with more than 25 years of high level experience in energy intensive industries (head of sustainable development at Airbus between  2008 and 2011). 

During the webinar we talked about  sustainable development and  aviation industry. It was very interesting to get Mr Fonta’s point of view and vision for the future of aviation.

The aerospace industry has a very big challenge to reduce emissions and become more sustainable. But we must not forget that progress has been made !  We as ORAJE members are glad to work on such a problematic with professionals.

Thank you Philippe Fonta for taking  your time to discuss and share your vision about sustainability and aviation , ORAJe members were all very interested.