A word from ORAJe president – Dec.17

This year again, during the prestigious Thanksigiving dinner, organized by USAIRE, the winners of the USAIRE Student Awards were awarded their prizes in an exceptional setting.

For two months, the 24 finalists of the 2017 edition have worked on the current problem “From design to supply chain, from production to sales, from start up to certification digitalisation and cost reduction”. To apprehend this complex subject, participants were able to count on several conferences organized by USAIRE during the Paris Air Show.

After their brilliant participation in the competition, all the finalists join ORAJe enlarging our pool of young talents. In recent months, our passionate youth has concretized its partnerships and developed its network through prestigious meetings and privileged moments between members.

This fall, we organized several afterworks regained the training of the BIA with the French Air Force and created a career pole with Adecco. Our General Assembly in early December allowed us to clearly define the objectives for the coming year we will focus on the organization of future events and the deployment of our communication tools. Many challenges in perspective for the year 2018 which promises to be productive!

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate all participants of the contest and thank USAIRE members very much for their support and the trust they place in us every day. The ORAJe community is getting stronger and doing everything possible to live a new year full of aeronautical events.

Happy reading !

Julie Guth, President of ORAJe.