ORAJe dinner with Morena Bernardini, MBDA General Secretary

May 12th, 2023

Getting inspired by a brilliant space-based life alonside Morena Bernardini, mastering both manned & unmanned rocket-propelled flights 🚀

All ORAJe community has been delighted to bring back key takeaways on prominent Aerospace & Defense topics. Some exiting ones discussed on this occasion:

⇒ Gut feeling to overcome critical decision making 🧠

⇒ Pioneering spirit to achieve being the first woman as MBDA General Secretary 🥇

⇒ Business Process Re-engineering within a disruptive mindset ⚛️

⇒ Data driven minset being key, processing ability worth it 📊

A special thank to ORAJe Board Héloïse ConteOphélie TanElias Bouzar & Charlotte Hamon that connected the dots and the Cercle National des Armées standing as the perfect hub to host a meaningfull encounter.

Wishing a great week to all Aerospace rising stars🌟 and get ready to engage the next high flight meeting!