Technical Webinar - "is it possible to retrofit an Embraer E-145 with hydrogen?"

                                                                                                               Tuesday 23rd  of February  2021

Technical ORAJe Webinar

ORAJe had the pleasure to welcome and listen to Naman Sachdeva, a Master’s student at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft currently working on his Master’s thesis! We talked about very interesting topics:

– Retrofitting an Embraer E-145 aircraft with hydrogen propulsion;

– The development of SOFC-Turbofan hybrid propulsion system;

– Challenges of integrating hydrogen tanks into the aircraft;

– The impact of a hydrogen concept on safety, aircraft emissions and costs.

The aerospace industry has a very big challenge of reducing emissions and become more sustainable. It is great to see that students and universities are starting to work on such problematics!

Thank you Naman, ORAJe members were all very interested in your presentation.

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