USAIRE Student Awards is a global competition, designed by USAIRE, which challenge students worldwide to reshape the future of Aerospace and Defense industry. Major forces like disruptive innovations, new business models and geopolitical upheaval are transforming the Aerospace and Defense industry at an unprecedented rate. In 2006, the intent of Michel Dubarry, President of Rolls-Royce international in Europe and North Africa, then President of USAIRE, was to give students an opportunity to awake their spirit of innovation and to get closer from Aerospace and Defense stakeholders.


In 2020, the topic of the competition is : Be green, Keep flying ?“. For the 15th edition, the competition is supported by many partners :



Step 1 : Pre-Selection Essay

Submit your one pager in French or English (May).

Step 2 : Pre-Student Award Seminar

For finalists, participate to major Aviation events in Paris (June).

Step 3 : Final Essay for final selection

Submit your final essay, 10 pages max, in French or English (August).

Step 4 : USAIRE Student Awards Ceremony

For laureates,  be awarded in the spotlights for your work (November).

Final step : Join ORAJe talents network


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Participants since 2006

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  • Round trip flights with major airlines

    Singapore Airlines, Air France, Emirates, Qatar Airways, LATAM, Transavia ...

  • Visits of major aerospace industrial sites

    Visit of industrial plan (Rolls Royce in Singapore, Embraer in Brazil, Safran in Paris)

  • Opportunities to discover civil and defense aerospace industry by the inside

    Internships with Airbus, immersion in the design office of Marshall Aersopace in Cambridge, immersion with Aviation Sans Frontières.

  • Many gifts from our partners and sponsors

    Cheques, aircraft scale model (big size), cameras, subsriptions to aerospace and defense magazines ...

  • The chance to integrate a large network of aerospace and defense professionals

    USAIRE combined with ORAJe (Laureates Association) is one of the most active and important Aerospace business network in France and abroad.